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Come Let Us Reason Together was a study day given at the Book Road Ecclesial Hall on January 14, 2012, on the subject of the issues related to the NASU/UA08 document and the current unity crisis. For a more detailed introduction to the purpose of the study day, consisting of an introductory letter by its organizers, see Purpose.

This website is intended to accompany the study day by providing downloadable video, audio, and notes from the classes, as well as all handouts given out at the study day.  All the contents of the handouts have been reproduced as web pages on this site, and are searchable via the above search bar.  However, if you would like the entire booklet that was handed out in a printed form to all attendees of the study day, it is available as a downloadable pdf from https://s3.amazonaws.com/clurt/educational_booklet.pdf.

There is a comment form at the bottom of most pages on this site.  This is intended to be a place where viewers can submit comments on the subject matter of a specific page on the site.  If you have any problems using the site, notice minor glitches that need fixing (i.e. spelling errors), believe that information is missing that should be included, or would simply like to comment on its subject matter, your input would be greatly appreciated.  All comments will be reviewed before being made public.

Also, if after reviewing the contents of this web page or reflecting on what you have seen at the study day, you would like to send a private message to its organizers, there is a form available for that on the Contact page.

Thank you for visiting, and it is our prayer that our heavenly father will use this website to help to heal the discord among the Christadelphian brotherhood, so that we all may be joined together in one spirit to glorify his name eternally in his kingdom.


A response to a document critical of the content of the study day has been made available.  You may download it by clicking on the following link: Response to January 25th Unamended Presentation, or read it on this website, using the links on the top bar under "2012 Response".