Questions for the Unamended Ecclesias

The following questions were provided by various brethren from our ecclesias:

  1. What is your understanding of “clean flesh”?
  2. What is accomplished by baptism? Is baptism a covering, atonement or justification of Adamic or racial sin, or as is sometimes referred to ‘sin in the flesh’?
  3. What do you believe is THE basis of responsibility to judgment? Is it (i) covenant relationship or (ii) knowledge and calling?
  4. Are you prepared to withhold fellowship from ecclesias that do not subscribe to the same basis of fellowship, i.e. the same doctrines and precepts as contained in the BASF?
  5. Do you believe that “sin” is used to mean both the unclean (defiled) nature… with its carnal inclination and actual transgression?
  6. What do you believe are the false teachings of JJ Andrew and Thomas Williams? Can you please show in the NASU where these false teachings are clearly refuted?
  7. Can you show us where the UA08/NASU teaches that Clause 24 of the BASF is a first principle and should be made a test of fellowship?
  8. Please explain 1Cor.15:21-23
    1. What does it mean “in Adam all die”?
    2. What does it mean ‘in Christ shall all be made alive”?
    3. Specifically speaking are these verses in relation to judgment or immortality?
  9. Under the UA08/NASU, Unamended ecclesias agree to fellowship at non-UA08 Central ecclesias outside North America on the basis of the BASF (i.e. use the BASF as the basis for inter-ecclesial fellowship). What prevents the UA08/NASU Unamended ecclesias from agreeing to this basis within North America (including Ontario), since such acceptance would remove a notable stumbling block to the UA08 among Amended ecclesias.
  10. Please explain Romans 8:1-2
    1. What does it mean to be in Christ?
    2. What is the condemnation spoken of here all about?
  11. One of our concerns is that an Unamended member who agrees with Thomas Williams teachings could assent to the NASU while retaining the belief that Adam.s sin alienates all men from God at birth and that baptism removes this alienation? Can you show us in the NASU where this teaching is clearly rejected?
  12. Please explain Genesis 2:17:
    1. Was a literal death required within that very 24 hour period (i.e. day)?
    2. Or is it better translated “dying thou shalt die”?
  13. Please explain John 12:48:
    1. Is it speaking about AD70?
    2. Is it speaking about Resurrection to the judgment seat of Christ?
  14. The UA08/NASU places no restrictions on continued fellowship by Unamended UA08 ecclesias with the larger Unamended community. You have stated this will continue indefinitely. Is this still your position?
  15. Your written understanding (Jan 23, 2010) of the Final Clarifications is that they are not part of the doctrinal basis of the UA08/NASU. Amended authors of the UA08/NASU said they were. Do you anticipate changing your view since such acceptance would remove a notable stumbling block to the UA08 among Amended ecclesias?
  16. In the past you have not supported the idea of adding a third clarification stating that signatories to the UA08/NASU reject the teaching of Inherited Legal Condemnation, while at the same time stating you have the same beliefs as the Amended community. Do you anticipate accepting this additional clarification in the future since this would remove a notable stumbling block to the UA08 among Amended ecclesias?
  17. In October, 2007 you withdrew from reunion discussions because (quoting from your Jan 23, 2010 presentation), “We have no desire to give reason for brethren to be involved in further schism, as our desired outcome has always been, and remains unity, not further disunity. Accordingly, we feel it is no longer in the best interest of true peace and unity to continue with this process. Therefore, effective immediately we are standing down from this process and have no plans to initiate any further action.” Given these statements, what has changed in the position of your ecclesias that now allows you to not only participate in, but to promote “further disunity” within the Amended community by promoting the acceptance of the UA08/NASU, without addressing the provisions that prevent its widespread acceptance?
  18. Why are you reluctant to join the Central community? This is fundamental to the concept of reunion and follows the pattern of the Suffolk St. reunion, involving the identical doctrinal issues in England. It helped significantly in assuring the Central community that there was a common understanding of doctrine and fellowship practice. Your refusal to join the Central community presents a major stumbling block for a successful reunion and casts aspersions on your assertion that you share the same beliefs as the Central community.
  19. Would you accept the BASF becoming the touchstone statement of faith for both parties and the UA08/NASU (with ambiguities removed) being an explanatory document, consistent with previous reunions?
  20. Do you now believe that the understanding of the Gospel (that level of understanding being determined by God alone) is the basis for resurrectional responsibility for all, baptised or unbaptised?
  21. Do you reject both the teaching that our sin biased nature is a separate aspect of sin requiring atonement, and that this is the prime reason for baptism without which they will not be raised from the grave?