The most distinctive feature of the Christadelphian faith is its doctrines; in addition, its members are able to share a unique relationship as part of the Body of Christ. This is about to change if left unchecked. The introduction of the UA08/NASU Agreement in Ontario in September of 2008 has presented the Christadelphian (Amended) community in the Ontario region with a serious challenge – one that appears ripe to spill over into other regions of North America.

Not since the division with J. J. Andrew has the situation been so volatile. No brother or sister can afford to ignore what is happening and every effort must be made to become familiar with the substance of the UA08/NASU agreement and the direction it is pointing our community in, so that we can all make responsible decisions.

The reader is asked to examine what is written and measure the arguments against opposing views.

We have no time to waste; the Lord is at hand; may we exercise our stewardship faithfully. Please give this your earnest attention.