Class 1 – Unless the LORD Build the House


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Summary Points

Note: This summary was written independent of the class presenter and contains additional information.

1.  Unity is desiredbut on a sound basis

We  seek  unity  with  our  Unamended  brethren;  not union  or  periodic  association,  but  unity  on  a scriptural basis, one in which we are all of one mind, all  speak   the   same   thing,   and   all  give   the   same judgment   regarding   Bible  teaching   and  fellowship (Eph. 4:1–6; 1 Cor. 1:10).

2.  Brethren ought to deawith one another in sincerity and truth

We are commanded to worship God in sincerity and truth (Josh. 24:14; John 4:23-24); this applies equally in how brethren deal with each other – we must say what we mean and mean what we say; a reunion document that means different things to different people does not reflect this divine command and will not result in all believing the same doctrine or upholding the same fellowship practice.

3.  The BASF must remain the basis of interecclesial fellowship

Our worldwide fellowship basis is founded upon a shared belief among our ecclesias in the principles summarized in the BASF, which is the touchstone for our common beliefs; the UA08, by contrast, makes the NASU the touchstone  and the basis for inter-ecclesial  fellowship,  in place of the BASF; the NASU originally stated the BASF would be the touchstone but this was removed after 2001.

4.  A preponderant majority is needed before reunion will succeed

The  process  used  to  implement  the  UA08,  in  which  some  ecclesias  were  consulted  and  some bypassed, contributed to the fracturing caused at its introduction and ignored the past practice of our  community  to  first  obtain  a  preponderant  majority  of  support  to  avoid  division;  it  is  now known   that  when   the  NASU   was  submitted   for  a  continental   vote   in  2005,   Amended   and Unamended   brethren  on  the  Steering  Committee   had  two  different  understandings   as  to  its doctrinal  teaching  regarding  resurrectional  responsibility;  the acceptance  into fellowship,  by the UA08 ecclesias, of five Midwest Unamended ecclesias in 2010, over the objection of the Midwest Amended  ecclesias  has  caused  further  discord;  the  reunion  process  needs  to  be  put  back  on  a proper  scriptural  basis  that  achieves  a  preponderant  majority  of  support  from  our  Amended ecclesias if our unity is to be restored.

5.  A reunion basis that accommodates error and fellowship outside the Central community will not retain unity among our ecclesias

A reunion basis that does not recognize  the BASF as the basis for inter-ecclesial  fellowship,  that does not eliminate the doctrinal errors of Bro. Thomas Williams, that does not require ecclesias to be members of the Central community, that does not restrict fellowship at the Memorial Table to ecclesias in the Central community, and that accommodates fellowship with ecclesias who reject the reunion   basis,   will  never   unite   our  Amended   ecclesias;   all  previous   reunion   efforts   in  our community have included these provisions with the result that a preponderant majority favoured reunion and our unity was preserved

6.  The scripturacounseobrethren who preceded us cannot be ignored

The brethren who have preceded us for over 100 years have given a consistent basis of scriptural counsel regarding the need for sound doctrine on these matters, a common fellowship practice, and agreement  with  a single  Statement  of Faith;  when  we follow  such  scriptural  counsel  we honour God’s Word (1 Tim. 5:17; Prov. 22:28; Jer. 6:16); we ignore it to our own peril.

7.  Ontario Amended ecclesias have a responsibility not to export division to the brotherhood

After three years, the UA08 has proven to be a divisive reunion basis, causing discord and division among Ontario Amended ecclesias; if nothing is done to correct the underlying concerns, the same impact will be spread to the rest of North America and beyond, causing permanent division among the Central brotherhood;  each Ontario Amended ecclesia has a responsibility  to help prevent this from happening.

Additional Reference Material

NASU Survey Results – March 2005